Welcome to Africa. This place is more fun than a barrel of... mongongo nuts! Within this continent, you will find:
  • Vast, mysterious rainforests
  • The world's largest desert—the Sahara.
  • The world's longest river—the Nile
  • A lake nearly a mile deep—Lake Tanganyika
  • A mountain more than 3 1/2 miles high—Mount Kilimanjaro
For people like me who love to observe birds and mammals, this place is paradise. It is also home to about a quarter of all the mammal species on earth. Nowhere on earth is there more open space for such a variety of big mammals to roam. One of those open spaces is Tanzania's Serengeti Plain — an expanse of grasslands with trees scattered throughout it. The Serengeti is our African destination.

Fun Facts

The reticulated giraffe has a bluish tongue. This adaptation prevents the tongue from getting sunburned.
Fun Fact - giraffe tounge

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