Ornate Horned Frog

Ceratophrys ornata

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These very colorful, large frogs have wide heads and enormous mouths. They are sometimes called “mouths with legs” because their huge mouths appear to be the entire front half of its body. They are green with dark red to black markings along their backs. The common name, horned frog, comes from the folds of skin that are located over their eyes. 

Ornate horned frogs burrow into leaf litter and muddy vegetation on the tropical forest floor where they are well disguised. These frogs are “sit-and-wait” predators. They ambush their approaching prey, quickly attacking, usually swallowing the prey whole.

Ornate horned frogs can hibernate for up to six months in dry conditions to wait for rain.


Large insects, lizards, mice, and other frogs, including other ornate horned frogs
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